Why is My WiFi Not letting Me Access Certain Websites?

  • By: Josh Koop
  • Date: April 22, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

You may be wondering why your WiFi is not letting you access certain websites. Firstly, try restarting your device. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to check your antivirus software. If the problem persists, you might also want to reset your web browser or router to factory settings. You can also try disconnecting your mobile phone from Wifi. This will force your phone to use its cellular connection instead.

Rebooting your device to fix WiFi problems

Rebooting your device to factory settings can be an effective solution for Wi-Fi problems. Resetting the device wipes all data and settings from it, so make sure to back up your important files first.

Rebooting your device does not fix hardware issues; however, it can remove software bugs. So, back up all important files before trying this solution. Once you have successfully reset the device, it will work again.

Other methods to resolve WiFi problems include rebooting the router. While newer routers may not require rebooting on a daily basis, older models may need it on a weekly or daily basis.

If this does not fix the problem, it’s time to look for a more permanent solution. Rebooting your device is a standard troubleshooting solution. A few minutes on your router will help it run more efficiently.

Checking if your antivirus software is causing the issue

If you’re having trouble accessing certain websites through WiFi, it could be that your antivirus program is blocking the SSL certificate. Invalid SSL certificates are a big deal for hackers because they make your personal information visible to them.

If you’re experiencing this problem, here are a few ways to fix the problem. Disable your antivirus, turn off secondary security tools, and then re-open the website. If this doesn’t help, you can try disabling your antivirus software temporarily.

If you’ve tried reinstalling your antivirus program and still have the same issue, try disabling your firewall. In many cases, disabling your antivirus program’s firewall can fix the problem and allow you to access the internet again.

The firewall protects your device from dangerous websites and files. You can try disabling the firewall in Windows Defender and see if that solves the problem.

Resetting your router to factory settings

If you can’t access certain websites on your WiFi network, the best solution is to restart your router. This method removes any customizations or helpful features that you might have added.

However, before you reset your router, it’s important to research the problem. Your router contains several components, including local storage capabilities, memory, and an operating system.

Sometimes these components may malfunction, and rebooting the router might fix the problem.

While it may seem like an obvious solution, resetting your router to factory settings isn’t always the best solution.

This process wipes all the settings from your router, including passwords, Wi-Fi network name, and passphrase. As a result, your device’s connection may not be as fast as it used to be.

But if the problem persists, it might be worth trying the factory reset method.

Resetting your web browser

When your WiFi is not allowing you to access certain websites, you should first try to reset your web browser to its default settings.

Resetting your web browser may also fix any problems you’re having with add-ons or extensions. To perform this step, you should open the CMD window as an administrator.

Then type ipconfig /flushdns or ipconfig /release/renew into the CMD window.

Alternatively, you can try to restart your internet connection. Performing this action will enable the router to reset the tasks and reset the browser to its default settings.

This method will not work for every website but can be useful in certain situations. Usually, it will allow you to visit a website if the “Your connection is not private” message pops up.

This message appears because the website you’re trying to visit has vulnerabilities and attackers may exploit them to steal sensitive information.

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